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Ridiculously and humiliated in Europe, Manoel, the micro, still has The Folha de SP…*

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Motive of jokes, without authorization to speak in name of Europeans and has called the attention, the ridiculous France President has in the cover of the Journal Follha de SP one triumph…

Trad.: Vanessa Carter

After to be called by others European’s leaders before of the beginning of G7 reunion about of eventually revocation of Mercosul x EU, Macron came the maximum point to be “conditioned” by his boss Merkel about what the procedure that should be adopted in the relation with Bolsonaro.

And hasn’t
any arrogance or superb in the words of Merkel, Johnson, Trump or of others
leaders of the greatest capitalists economics about how to act — in the
contrary: only resignation and humility, respecting the total sovereignty of
Brazil about their Amazon’s part.

Those fire
of one coward asshole that marc a circle of posts with out of date images and
decontextualised give place a one politic “micron”, one
ventriloquist’s marionette suddenly rested in the corner. Lack to the France’s
asshole ask forgiveness for making a lie, using pictures of the beginning of
century and making a colonialist speech.

But why
Manoel, the micron, take those attitudes — then he that copes very, since october
of 2018, with weekly demonstration against him the Organization of Yellow
Vests, has index above 70% of popular disapproval, and hold the country that
concede the biggest worlds’s agriculture incentive?

The France
is a joke in terms of impact in the world economy — in terms of production and
consume. Their relevance are more in the paper that has in the past — many
times one paper nothing dignified, by the way — than any effective weight in
the present. And their future is in the darkness, culturally disfigured and one
kind of sewage humanity.

Micron try
to guarantee the votes is agriculture segment — that since the principal was
against the agreement — and this way survive in the advance of Le Pen that
wins in many polls in second round in 2022 elections (the mandate in France is
5 years). Wants rise in the rise of stupidity of left’s young of France in their
environment cruzade and avoid that Melenchon, the corrupt socialist that walks
in the France Justice, go to the second round against Le Pen — that, like
Bolsonaro, is taken like the dream’s adversary as many of socialists as that
centrists of Manoel.

About the
France agriculture, one word: has no condition to confront the Brazilian
production and survive only because of market’s reservation and incentives.

Was me
requires, before of take the phone of France’s ass, one formal requirement of
forgiveness and that he don’t pass of stupid, ignorant and opportunist.

Without respect in Europe, discredited in France, the french sordid can sleep in peace, by the way, at least here in Brazil the Folha of SP keeping support his insanities and his rubbishes…

* Nada sei de inglês. Recebi o comentário traduzido – ainda estou tentando saber o nome completo de quem o traduziu.

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