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The arrogance of Islamic Republic of France and the fawning and the mainstream media

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Decrepit and in decadent, the France shows how many pernicious can be to a civilization when a people and one country that let dominate by cultural barbaric and by the destruction of their values caused by islamism

Trad. Vanessa Carter
Publicado no em 28 de agosto de 2019 – Link AQUI

Today, Germany
and France are the two are more influential Islamic countries of the world, because
the coward of their leftists leadership and psychopaths from the extreme left
— include the Merkel that is typical german that’s don’t have a drop of shame
of their own history.

And I don’t
says about Nazism, that this is a shame of mankind, but it’s a shame of their
rich cultural past, of  technological
capacity and of relevance of their big writers, musicians, researchers, scientists
and even sportsmans.

incarnate the Herman’s shame of to be a people that always has capacity of
keeping with their roots. Merkel incarnate the rotten part of German’s think, those
of fells the immense needs to be bad treated and ridiculed. I imagine how many
must be fiddle in their graves the bare bones or the powder of biggest writers
like Goethe, Hesse see that their country is transformed in a Nation without
personally, a country without own face — long process of Herman’s values that
involves all political parties democrat, ecological and a right fluted that has
in Merkel their finished picture.

What to say
about France, that built their history and their power stolen, oppress and
pillage the peoples that, after of 
colonized, serving only to satisfy the necessity of raw materials, of
money, of titbit and of richest of other nations.

The France
is the history’s cesspool, today command by a stupid dement, that don’t have a
notion of his infamy dimension and his fault of representation. Still today, a
servant that appear like a Manoel’s spokesman, the Micro, try to boast of
saying that France was yes his “victory” in G7 to impose the Amazon’s
theme with central theme.

The poor
wretch of Sibeth Ndiaye, spokeman of Islamic Republic of France repeat the
hogwash of his stupid president that hasn’t notion of ridiculous  paper that fulfil — being pass by a public
recrimination for whom call the shots and commands his destiny and his little
country: Merkel, the boss of the German Islamic Republic of Germany.

The impact
of squeak and hysterical little screams of Islamic Republic of France only
finds refuge in the apocalyptical beasts in Brazilian’s Left — that sign a
manifesto defends the Amazon’s internationalization — and in the mainstream
media where olds and decrepit “analysts” royalty payed with public
resources in the past, laying loquacity in the middle anger of has conscience
that lost all the little mouths and the privileges that they had.

A reminder
for Manoel, the Micro, for the leftists pickpocket and for that to journalists
yes-man that have a speech of freedom and a scoundrel practice, bandits and of
suppression of divergent thinking: cry a lot that in 2022 has another electoral
beating reserved for you. It’s probably without the Congressman with magic of
being elect without votes, only of the manipulation and fraudulent electronic
ballot boxes.

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