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The challenges to return the country’s sovereign inside of Globalized Word

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The episode of burning make the same question and a one challenge: Where have a trust information when the traditional media and social media to equip in tentative of invented allows each one in their self true?

Trad. Vanessa Carter
– publicado originalmente em português no em 23 de agosto de 2019

What is
truly are in this game of burning’s history in Amazon — fact that always
existed,you only observe the many links for 
this incidence along of many and many years?Why , suddenly, happens all
this hysteria? What’s in this game?

In first
place, no one of us,in a good conscience, can believe in the called basic font
of information in these actually days: The Mainstream Media and Social Media. The
first is a bunker of opposition in everything that is linked with President
Bolsonaro, while in the social media you need have time and cheering to filter information.

The truth
is that existed one biggest crusade against Brazil, of groups that don’t
accept, don’t tolerate and don’t understand that the country, suddenly, resolve
to return for his hands the destiny of his people.I don’t believe in conspiracy
theories, but it’s obvious that no one NGO that acts in Amazon are care with
indigenous and with the florest’s preservation. What’s in game is a business
model — NGOs — that begin to occupy parts of Amazon still in the two FHC’s

Was a time
of ingeniously, we can say until better of puritanism.

And was in
the FHC’s era that Brazilian politicians of all ideological shades of center to
the left, they discovered that was possible unite the social speech and
ecological compromised with defense of Amazon and the people’s forest, with
extraction, sell and smuggling of many minerals that are be available in the
rich subsoil in the region.

Was the
time in of which the NGOs has the romantic structure, but already interested in
the richest easily found in the areas known by indigenous.

picture start to change already in the end of second FHC’s mandate when the
NGOs went structure professional — with foreign investors, with funds that
brought foreign currency to Brazil almost outside of national financial system.

process was to deepen in the Workers Party and the Political Parties that make
part is biggest consortium the pillage’s group.

The detours
doesn’t restrain, in contrary. Becomes the practice of these things in many
NGO’s segments, The NGO’s becomes in a truly managerial  conglomerate, with structure that involves
lawyer, managers, communicate on consultancy’s business, obtaining financial
resources and the divide of profits between “the owners” of these
business that hiding behind of initiative of called Forth Sector.

In talking
with many militaries, many of they with many years inside Amazon’s reality, take
the information that many NGO’s act like world economics group’s arms and still
of many countries government. It’s the true real “bosses” that report
and provide account of financial results.

With coming
of Bolsonaro on power, the new government impose a financial asphyxia and
biggest control of NGO’s activities — aware and conscious that has something
that the world don’t want a country with dimensions like Brazil start to be the
owner of their own land and his destiny. These “financial asphyxia”
are taken many of these groups that moved in almost imperceptible in the
immensely of the jungle to survive’s limitations. Many of these NGO’s are
leaving the “Work” disassemble structures, turn off people that work
for then. Without money of Brazilian Government and their foreigners allies, these
organizations try to resize their size and their structure for the new reality
that aren’t accustomed to “work”.

Still today,
indigenous leadership and little political chiefs of Amazon’s limit count with
big money that circulates in presidential elections of 2018. Others, more
exaggerated, talk of money’s bags, meanwhile others come to remembrance of
numbers. With Bolsonaro’s winning comes to an end of many money’s era.

that near of 60% of NGO’s run serious risks that stopped their activities until
the end of year, keeping alive only those that have financial reserves and has
partners that keep invest,still fearing by decrease of return’s taxes about the
amount invested. There are reporting that point that headquarters abandoned in
Amazon’s cities, “work” to interrupt and indigenous communities that
only change of guardian: before, working for NGO’s and now beginning to act for
drug traffickers.

European crusade apparently in defense of forest and of Amazon’s biodiversity
reflects only the colonialist vision of who still feels responsible by actions
of others, without have the capacity of take care of their own problems.

Of course
that all is potentially by communication networks that act with ideological
compromised in reinvent the reality — in a script in that public use the fake
news to show one compromise that don’t pass of Scene’s play, case of soccer
players (Cristiano Ronaldo use like Amazon’s burnings one picture of a burning
of Rio Grande do Sul, politicians (Macron use one picture of 2002, insisting
that this is a actually situation), artist and all opportunists.

There is
problems — with all certain. How there is problems in the others past years.

difference is that one government that don’t accept assholes like Merkel and
her domestic doll that commands France follow the orders of Berlin, saying what
should have done, the scenario is complex, but if have someone that don’t has
authority to speak in Amazon’s defender are the 
“spokesman” chosen by media — that in reality transformed in
a Echo Chamber of political groups that was defeated in the elections.

What means,
so, of colonialist countries that thinks in the right to discuss our reality in
a G7 reunion without the presence of Brazilian government.

But what
makes me sick isn’t read what the European Blabbers saying, but the Brazilians
posture duly trained in the primer of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogical infuse in the
individuals, where any contrary opinion is considered a crime. The Brazilian
Media still missing of docile government has ahead of European’s subjection
and, in place to saluted the Brazilian decision to taken the country-people’s
destiny in their our hands, criticize the hanged that refuses to curve the head
to receive the neck’s cord.

For theses,
educated was a drunk Lula that urinate in his pants with borracho’s face (drunk)
in public events…

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