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Alfredo Bessow é um jornalista, radialista, influenciador e analista político brasileiro com mais de 40 anos de experiência.

In Brazil, the called by the people “Non Bias’s People” has been exposed, and now they auto-proclaimed and they fantasied of “humanists”

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Bombarded by the reality, first they entitled “No Bias’s People”, a specific of live beings above of good and evil, with the arrogance that don’t be abettor nor kleptocracy and neither defenders of sovereign’s rescue. Exposed, they invented the new nunker to exercise their fascism.

Trad. Vanessa Carter

Publicado no no dia 1º de setembro de 2019. Link AQUI

the period which the Brazil was dominated by obscurantism of kleptocracy of
social-democrat bias feels in the duty not only of dissociative from past that
they help building — include by omission — and they treated of
“sale” like paradigms and references of critical behavior and of a
posture of “let’s what is gonna happen”. In this way surge the
“Non Bias’s People”.

However, their
heart keep stuck on the times that was expelled by Brazilians, when a gang of
pickpockets — many of them jailed, others released, many of them distill the
sapience of obvious and some include the corrupted judges — start to be
extirpated from power.Of poisoned worships of Robbers, through to present
theirselves like “Non Bias’s People”, ridiculous beings that migrated
of the concepts, but keeping connected the same prejudices.

that they are always calling to opine, like they was capable of transmitted
some beyond the many of obviousness (obviedades). When want to criticize the
international politics, call the Ricupero — a figure that so justify the end
of “Diplomat’s Figure” like a career of Estate. Always was a venal,
to trying a posture of sapience and equilibrium,in a process more of dramaturgy
than of diplomacy with clear defense of national interests.I have for me that
The Institute of Rio Branco it’s the better school of theatre in Brazil today
— payed, financed and sponsored by the contributor. There you learn how to
curve the spine, ritual of affect polite of and intensive course for
Specialized in the Gossip’s Art and the survival in littles alcoves of
consanguinity, of sexuality and nullity.

If the
topic it’s economy, they call Mailson da Nobrega — that little boy that
“administrates” the Brazilian’s Economy between January,6 of 1988 and
March,15 of 1990.Mailson,the Genius formatted by Ceub here in Brazilia, reach
stunt of become a consultant after of has conducted the Brazilians to lived
with a inflation of 1.782,85% — yes, this was the inflation that he imposed to
the Brazilians in the past and today, because of mainstream media, wants to
through by someone capable of give his opinion about something that his
experience don’t referenda.

These are
only two that always remembered, but we can cited that the references to talk
of communication are Franklin Martin and Eugenio Bucci, two notorious servants
that works to the Lulo-Petista and keeping to defending.

But The Non
Bias’s People soon was been exposed ,include because the they possess the track
that denounce they true intentions: the slavish past and the incapability to
understand that the country commands it’s of the people, isn’t of who thinks
are capable of usurps this competency and stole and destroy the country in name
of their own interests.

The Non
Bias’s People distorted concepts change the words. Observe that they avoid, for
example, that are in favor of abortion — prefer to say in favor of ”
interruption of pregnancy”. Like if the life was a TV series that you
interrupt the exhibition and after you can return in the point where you stops,
like if the life that being in gestation can be interrupted like a arbiter
interrupted a Soccer’s Game to the player’s hydration, returned after their

Repressed, ridiculousness
and been exposed in their own stupidity, behold malcontents The Non Bias’s
People now annunciates like “Humanists” — beings capable of floating
above their own loutish, of manifested opinions and  judgment of value about any topic and don’t
accept any questionings or revelation. When repressed, they accuse the others
of fascists, when themselves possess the typical behavior from Fascism of
Leftists that is the practice of these people.

The Humanists
believe, for example, that the Amazon’s burnings burn much more in the burnings
of São Paulo, in Africa, in Ceará, in France, in Paraguay. The Humanists has
the firm conviction that Europeans pattern of venality must be followed without
any questionings. The Humanists defends the NGO’s actions in the forest, protecting
the richest of subsoiler for who finance their activities and don’t see any
problem in the hypocrisy of don’t being acting where they really be necessary, in
the case of Brazilian Northwest. The Humanists dream with a President with
refine speeches and fast hand in stole, filth public resources and broke the
pension funds of workers of public enterprises.

Humanists make full their mouths to make attacks in the New Government, screaming
their treacherous and verbal incontinence — hysterical screams that find echo
in the  ghettos filthy where they hiding
and of where they try to impede Brazil leaves to be the land of Insane
Manoelas, of Gleisis full of Silicones ,of the ridiculous
“Lulas”  that lived like
appendices of names when they don’t pass of big rats and turn lands of who has
compromise with future.

Humanists don’t pass of pathetic beings that hasn’t courage of assume that
rowing against the changes, that fight against Brazil and that dream with the
return of the time which themselves omitted — when they don’t applaud — ahead
of those that stole by the score and now wants to obliterate the past and
positioning like the only sensate and capable of have lucidity of knowing
what’s is wrong or right.

If The Non
Bias’s People was debunked by their venality, the humanists of social media are
hostages of their own stupidity. The Brazil win all these gangs in the vote
ballots in the size in that they insisted in don’t accept the truth, let’ s remember
a Little Remember: The Next Presidential Elections will be in 2022 and has all
sure that the “Brazil” that will have reconstructed until then don’t
permits that the termites and the Yes-Man return to put in risk our sovereign.

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