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Sentencing guilt with social media. This yes, a situation that shames Brazil

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Guilt by corruption, influence’s traffic and other relates crimes, Lula counts with convenience and leniency of Judiciary that allows that he keeps his social media accounts and a campaign against Brazil in the social media.

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Trad. Vanessa Carter

There is
situations in our country that are very strange, bizarre and surreal, here,
bandits, misdemeanors, traffickers and all sort of criminals marches with all
impunity. I remember of a time where, of ostensible mode, “Bicheiros”
(know popularly of clandestine bet houses) appear and was treated like true
Maecenas of Samba School of Rio de Janeiro. It’s in Brazil that boss of drugs
dealings commands, inside of jails supposedly of maximum security, their
criminal nets — drew upon of convenience of rehabilitation system, of
collaboration of “Constitutional Guarantees” and the absence of
effect blocking of Smartphone’s signals — to stay in some pathetic situations.

anomalies already make part of Brazilian’s resignation in accept crime and see
in the criminal many times a alliance of society’s parcels — wants like a
protector in cases of areas where Estate’s Action doesn’t exist, wants like
supply of products to the elite.

there are a report that after died, without has been aborted with specialists
— like the traditional Mainstream Media costume make when wants the subject
don’t dies. By the way of passage, the Brazilian’s mainstream media is
specialist in art of inform people, but the omitted — that by the way the case
of boy Rhuan, brutal victim of a crime guided by gender ideology.

But touch
in the heels of Media’s Saints is a risk — that say the President Bolsonaro
that externalizing a feeling of repulse and revolted for the professionals
“contracted” for give lecture, like if was figure that having some to
say, some to teach. In truth, now the has yes what to teach: How
“wins” mine without need to work.

How much is
the value of a criticism of who in the past was pay to praised who was defeated
by who is criticized, attacked and derided?

They don’t
attack Bolsonaro by his defects — and the same of any human being, he has many
defects — but has his goals, still that many times quite without wanting, trust
securement more in his personal feelings of than in results of evaluation or
conjecture analysis and scenarios make by a specialist. However, since that a
part in the Justice resolved created shame of their faces and through the
deflagrate the Operation Wash Car — that well in the wake of many operations
of Federal Police over there in the past and all of them are
“aborted” by the phalanx that acts in Federal Supreme Court — The
Brazil and Brazilians through to be come across with new perspective: The
Return of Sovereign and the “Control” of Brazil, of their economics
reserves, of their frontiers and their destiny in their own hands. And this
disturbing the minority parcel of population that comes, in long of these 30
years, sedimented ideological convenience with the systematic usurping of the

But, same
of any inflammation, the septicemic demands many stages. Somebody already saw a
furuncle? Very well…This is the Brazil’s stage: bearing a furuncle (called
the verm LuloPetista) and all noticed that organism emitted signed of expulsion
almost that extemporaneous of pus, like a natural defense. In 2018, the people
resolve that was necessary expulse the biggest inflammation of furuncle.

However, this
pestilent furuncle already has infect in other little infect focuses, that
expelled pus and slowly being extract too.

The process
is long, everyday and needs glared in full face ,because “The
Furuncle” it’s the advanced stage of “furunculosis and, contrary of
some people think nothing has to do with acne. The furunculosis surge when the
bacterial enter in a pore and attacks the cloth of pilose follicle  — the base of body hair”. How to do to
stay free? “So the way out it’s use a ointment with antibiotics by oral
via” — and was in this way that Brazilians started free their selves of
these bandits: on the streets, screaming (oral via) and ointment sweating

The reaction
of organizational crime in many levels was inevitable — and here fit always
remember what happens with Operation Hands Clean in Italy. A coordinated action
between political segments and significantly parcel of Judiciary in their
superior stances, from of Second Level (Law Against Abuse of Authority, Censorship,
criminal’s protections, Freedom to the Corrupted in etc…) passing to happen
in permanent mode, counting with big cover of Mainstream Media, herself a

nothing, nothing better! Overcome the fact that only in Brazil a convicted
criminal in Third Stance keeping mocking of prerogative of free people:
Convicted, aren’t in the jail, but in a room of Federal Police and that cost
about of 300 thousands by month of taxes payers (even of maintenance of all
luxury like a car, security guards, staffers and etc… Equally payed by
society); convicted, doesn’t following the routine of visits of awesome
convicted of National Correctional System; convicted, made of his cell a space
to attack adversaries, try to denigrate the Brazil and their Institutions.

Faced with
such a picture, the questions arise::

– How a
bandit can (and the term comprehend in least 33 synonymous, more then 90% directly
imputed to Lula) that manifested in every single day in social media?

– How a
bandit can conceive interviews that don’t used to defend himself, but to attack
— one time that he is interviewed by his trained militants?

– How they
can find many wood faces to “defend himself” of indefensible?

Many times,
the reality of Brazil is tiring for who is honest, because there parcels that
prefer coexist with criminality that live with dignity.

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