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Manipulators and schizophrenic, the mainstream media don’t accept to be questioned

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Used to be auto defined like a reference of patterns and behaviors and of cultural and ethical beaconing, the MSM doesn’t accept of changes that was happening, meanwhile she disseminate a marxist of reality. And, now, seems don’t have courage of face the new times

Trad. Vanessa Carter

Published by Alfredo Bessow on September, 25th of 2019

The publication of a article in my blog — link HERE — finished serve to unleash a series of reactions and attacks by leftist’s party, mainly of “journos” and flatterer of journalism ideologically in tune — because with all respect, it’s difficult respect these “journos” that support his point of view and the defense of their obscurantist postulate clinging in a true without questioning and try to lynch who think the opposite, without give on account that make in the stupid way, another way in folklore data, in superficial approaches in childish arguments.

The way
more common that the people find to try to assault me it’s calling me of Olavo
de Carvalho’s follower — and of many they speak of him, I finished searching
more information, read materials published by him and watching his videos. Without
agree will all his point of view and his religiosity until certain point
rancorous, i understand why that the leftists hate Olavo and try, in all the
way, debunked and ridicule his thinks: He is the first in make contraposition
of hegemonic think that broke the 
limited little groups of reading. Like a Guerrilla-man from Medieval
Times, Olavo going fustigate the void walls of leftism’s thinking, ridiculous
the Sand’s Castle of Left’s Kingdons and encouraging of a Brazilians
rediscovered the pleasures of learning.

It’s had
more: They the rancorous Leftists, starting to discover that the Right’s people
are qualified to the debates some that left made in the past — in the 40’s and
50’s.In Marxist’s think, that was a characteristic of old Left’s militants, today
that exists it’s the substrate of people who are repetitively of Leftist’s
thinking –without the capacity of analysis, of interpret and to have a
position in face of a reality that changes in every instance. The leftists of
today are idiots that repeat words of order, that vociferated old lies for a
new reality.

So they
need go to all sort of attacks and of defamation: Flat Earth’s believer, Astrology
and even charlatan. But I saw that the attacks come of who feels uncomfortable
not by Olavo’s thinking, but only by his existence and by intelligent using
that Olavo does of tools of idea’s diffusion that they, the Leftists, thinking
being of their exclusive use.

in their truths the Leftists protest like vampires when priest play hole water
in then and try to impose their distorted vision of the world and the reality screaming
— and they do that with the guns that rest to then: The Manipulation of
information and bedpan aggression against who they don’t possess arguments and
with who doesn’t possess intellectual qualification to discuss.

advance trying to stereotype and intimidate me with process in the Journalist’s
Syndicate or make recriminations what I said. The I give advice its that study
— even that don’t be to think like I think, but only to learn think with your
own brain, based in information and don’t in habits to repeat phrases that are
done in the past by others, of those that even they doesn’t know the real

In the end,
a remember: I stay happy when someone, by little anger, Banning me of his list
or group of What’s App — that only demonstrate the extreme capacity of these
human BEASTS of coexist with contradictory and with divergence.

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